Friday, December 31, 2010

The sun's been out and so have we...

After being inside for most of 3 weeks with terrible rain, we had to get out, so as soon as that sun popped it's head out we were out too.  We spent yesterday at Movie World on the Gold Coast.  We had an awesome day, it was very very busy and very hot but still fun.

 Emma loves this ride, it is like the Giant Drop but for kids.

 The carousel is always a good photo op.

 The kids got these water bottles that are fans and spray water.  They came in very handy.

 Nathan has wanted to go on this ride for ages, it shoots you up into the sky and then you fall back down.  This was them as they took off... and below is as they came back down...
We had so much fun, we did so much and got to see a really good stunt car show... can't wait til next time.

I have also been sewing, I just forgot to take photos before uploading this post, so I will share soon.  I have a big list of projects I want to get sewn (for myself), I wonder how many I will get through?

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