Sunday, September 26, 2010

Memorable Menus

We had many good meals out while on holiday so I thought I would share some...

This is Anthony's favourite (although it may have been taken over now) in Fiji.  We go to Indigo Restaurant every time we visit and Anthony has the Chili Crab.  We went there for Father's Day lunch this year.

A small band came by and played for us.  Anthony and Emma danced.

We had seafood buffet a couple of times which I think has over taken the chili crab on Ant's favourite list.  The seafood was amazing.

 We had lunch at Mamma's Pizza, this is the family sized pizza, absolutely HUGE and delicious!  And one night we went on a dinner cruise.  The food was delicious and the slow, calm cruising was nice too.  I got quite a lot of nice photos so I thought I would share them.  Doesn't Emma look gorgeous in the dress I made her and headband?

And a photo with all four of us in it! Yeh!

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