Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fiji Journals

I decided that while we are away in Fiji for our family holiday this year the kids could keep a journal of our trip.  Nathan's teacher wants him to make a power point presentation to show to the class of his time away so he needed something for notes etc and I decided that Emma could participate too.

So, I made them both these travel journals using a couple of exercise books that I had in the cupboard along with some scrapbook paper and stickers from my stash.  I got the idea for the books from a post Gail Lindner did a while back (so thanks Gail for the great idea!)

Now all the kids have to do is fill them with wonderful memories! 

I have never been a diary writer, but when I go away I write a daily journal of what we've done, where we've been, what we ate etc. etc. and I have to say that I really love reading my entries at later dates.  I also use my journal for scrap booking our memories, when I create our photo books and when I blog about our trip.  Travel journals are worth the time and effort.

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