Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random things today...

Just a random post today...

We are off to the Redcliffe Markets tomorrow (Sunday) so if you feel like a few hours out, drop by and see us.  We won't be back there until October so if you would like something come and get it tomorrow.

We had our last game of the soccer season today.  Both kids played sooo well.  Nathan is just awesome at soccer these days, we are so proud of him.  He still has some development squad stuff to do.  Tomorrow he has an in house carnival at Caboolture.  We are super proud of him for that because they only picked 10 kids out of the squad to play and he was one of them!

And my wonderful friend, Kellie is having a baby soon so on Monday I am off to visit her and have some lunch.  I don't know what she is having yet so it is hard to make things but I did make her this nappy and wipes carry pouch and burp cloth to match.  I have heaps of things I would love to make for her but I am just struggling not knowing the sex of the baby and choosing just the right material etc.  Anyhow, I hope she likes it.

And, I took quite a bit in on the sides of my halter that I made the other day and I took it up about 5cm and now it is perfect, it is much more fitted and the right length...I am learning that it just takes patience to get patterns to suit your body sometimes.  Now I am all set to make one that is a bit longer for a beach dress. I am hoping to get that done this week.  I really want it ready for my trip away in a couple of weeks.

Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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