Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Postcrossing

We got 4 postcards last week from people all over the world.  It was really nice to receive so many at once! I thought I would share.  I actually think Anthony and I enjoy postcrossing more than the kids, but that's OK, we are interested in what people send and have to say...

We have been on the lookout ourselves for postcards to add to our own collection ready to send and picked up some good ones on the weekend in the city.  They are all touristy ones that we have at the moment, I need a visit to the art gallery or somewhere like that to pick up some others I think.

I am thinking, and working on a way to display/keep our cards.  I've thought of a photo album but I don't think the larger sized cards will fit..I've thought about a string somewhere with our latest/most favourite ones pegged on?  I am still thinking...

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  1. Hey Deb - there are a few sellers on madeit that have postcards. Check out:

    and lots on Etsy too. Easier than going out shopping!


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