Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crazy Saturday

Saturdays are usually busy for us but today has gone like a whirlwind!

  • Soccer @ 9am for both dear Barro children. who both played great then...
  • A birthday party for Emma @ 10 and
  • A bike hike for Nathan for cubs @ 10 also
  • A quick trip to pick up some groceries to get us through first week of holidays
  • A good clean up of children's bedrooms (which desperately needed doing)
  • Then back to pick up both children @ 2pm
  • Home to finish the bedrooms, bring in the washing etc etc.
  • NOW...out to give my car a quick wash (I did wash it on Saturday last week, but it rained this week and it looks as bad as before again AAARRGGHHHH!!!)
Hope you are having a lovely Saturday...


  1. Hey Deb, sounds like a great day, but exhausting! Hope the rest of your hols are a little more relaxing! See you Wednesday!

  2. Then those pesky Searles came over for a quick visit and stayed till 10:30!


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