Monday, May 31, 2010

Something new

Surely by now everyone knows that Amy Butler is my favourite designer when it comes to fabric, patterns etc.  so it will come to no surprise that I was tickled pink when something I ordered arrived in the mail.

My new Amy Butler Carry all thingy.  The perfect thing for carting my stuff when I go away, to scrap nights etc.  

I also used some of my other favourite fabric to make Hazel a bag for her birthday last week.  The photo is terrible, I know...

I used the matching print inside with the flowers all over and the little owls.  It turned out really well and Hazel liked it. 

I am branching into bags a little bit when it comes to people's birthdays, I like to give something handmade but sometimes its hard to think of what to make!

On another note, I was brave today and I did cut my Amy Butler fabric to make something...also a bag which I am so, so happy with...I will share that tomorrow.

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