Saturday, May 15, 2010

new button storage

My buttons used to live in a small plastic storage container with little sections in it.  BUT I have too many buttons and all the sections were overflowing and I ended up with little bags of buttons too... so I went looking for a solution and found these...

They are glass spice jars which hang on a carousel which spins around.  Now my buttons are organised by colour and shade and sit on my work desk happily (waiting for just one more rack because I have sooo many buttons).  Problem solved.


  1. Love this idea, i might steal it as i use lots of buttons, they 'pretty up' boy pages!

  2. Cute! I bet you will use them more now that you have your storage sorted!

  3. Was wondering if I can put an order in? I just bought both of the kids raincoats, so I need 2 wet bags, about a4 sixe I think to put them in. Do you think that's whatI need?
    I'll talk soon

  4. Excellent idea. Might have to steal that one, though I don't have nearly as many buttons as you!!


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