Saturday, April 24, 2010

Being a teacher...

Well, as many know I have had an extra 2 weeks off work for long service leave.  Over the last two weeks I have not thought about work, I have kept myself busy, been camping, been sewing, been enjoying shopping on a Thursday (when the specials start) etc. etc.  But today I saw some girls from work.  Fabulous, I love to see them and now I am in school mode again (I really did not want to get in this mode until Wed pm) but as teachers we just can't seem to help ourselves, why is it so hard for us to switch off for our whole break and just have a break???

Tonight I have had so much going through my head, do I need to do homework up? I've been into a website I found trying to set that up for my spelling activities, Ive been on the class website attempting to update our class page (attempting mind you, not achieving) etc etc.  And then thinking about report cards!!!!

Looks like I am back to work, break over.  How annoying! At least it lasted until today...

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your break! Sorry that you feel the need to do work stuff again...:) I have ignored work stuff all weekend, so I will be working tonight until late! It is nice to see friends from work though, it makes me remember how much I miss all of you girls! Good luck returning to work this week!! :)))


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