Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan

It was Nathan's birthday last Saturday (I know I am slow at blogging about this but it has been a crazy week!).  On his birthday he woke up to a present that he just loves from Toni, but none from us.  He thought that was a bit sad until I pulled out his new Ripstick.  Then when Anthony got home from work he got a little more excited when we handed him a letter telling him that we were off to Paradise Resort at the Gold Coast for Sunday night.  Little did he know that we were planning on just driving into Dreamworld on Monday morning for a day of fun.  It ended up being a bit of a special birthday with all these constant surprises and we had a really great time.  Today I thought I would share the photos from his birthday cake.  Typical photos for our house, crazy (and very frustrating for me!) Oh, and do you notice Emma with no top on??? how unusual for the naked girl! (hence why there is only 1 photo).

So now my big boy is 8.  Time flies...

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  1. What a fabulous birthday present! A really lovely surprise!!! Well done Deb!


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