Tuesday, February 16, 2010

His broken leg...

Today Nathan and I had his appointment at the hospital to have has plaster removed from his leg.  Needless to say we were very excited and happy that this was coming to an end. 

So we go in and they take the cast off.  That is fine until I see his leg, they actually had some trouble getting some of the bandage off, his leg was not in a great way, the skin was all peeling away and his ankles were raw.  It was awful and Nathan was in a lot of pain with the air now on his foot. 

Next step, we go to xray, we are sitting there for a while, waiting,  all of a sudden the state of his leg hit me and I started feeling really ill, I went to the bathroom and just about passed out!  I managed to pull myself together with a sit down and some water on my face before I went back to Nathan but I did sit there sweating and feeling terrible and aggitated and all the while dabbing my face with a wet towel.  (I would be a terrible nurse!).  Nathan sat there with a tear or two the poor little thing.

Then we saw the doctor (thank god I was feeling normal by this time) and he told us it had all healed but he wasn't going to dress the ankles or anything and that I am not to put anything on his leg/foot, I have to let it heal itself. 

Nathan is fine, it is not hurting him anymore it has had time to breath, I still feel sick in the stomach thinking about it.  I can't bring myself to make him put a shoe or sock on, so tomorrow he will stay home with me.  He still has his crutches to help him get used to walking again but he is not using them much. 

I have told Anthony that he will have to deal with Nathan's foot at bathtime etc.  because I just can't cope.  I hope it gets better soon. 

On a good note, we were out of the hospital in 1 hr and 15 mins!

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  1. It is yukky when the plaster comes off. Mine went from plaster to moon boot, so by the time it finally came out of the boot all the skin had peeled away and repaired. You definately would not have coped with Tara. Nathan must be happy and how fantastic that you were in and out so quickly. Tara goes back to outpatients tomorrow, I wonder how fast she will be in and out.


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