Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, No, Not work...

Well, I told myself this holidays that I was going to relax, do family stuff etc. etc.  and not think about work or do any work until the week that we return....gues's here!  I can't believe we go back to work in only a few days.  So today among other things was a work focus.  I went to Spotlight and got material to make some new note pockets and some nice bright material to make some homework bags.  I bought stationary etc and some new other goodies to make my life a little brighter (and Toni's and our kids of course).  So it seems that I cannot put it off any longer as I step back into my work shoes. 

On another note which is very sad (for me).  I took Nate to the doctor today because about 3 weeks ago some monkey bars fell on him, on his leg.  He has been walking around, playing, riding his bike etc.  just fine, but the other day I touched his leg and he complained of the pain and then I noticed him limping when he runs so off we went to the GP.  Only to discover after an x ray that he has a fractured leg!  So we went to the hospital where they said they were going to just let it heal on its own and tomorrow we are off to the fracture clinic to have it assessed by them.  I can't believe my little boy had a fractured leg and we didn't even know, he didn't even complain (at all).  Let's hope the fracture clinic say all is ok and that it heals well and he is OK.. It would be so awful if he had problems because of it as he is a very active little boy.  We'll see...

I do have some pictures to share, but it will have to be tomorrow (depending how long I spend at the clinic).

All those teachers out there enjoy your last day or two!


  1. Good luck, you sit there for hours!! How awful for Nate, what a toughy.
    See you tomorrow.

  2. Oh no!! It's so hard to know when kids really need the drs! Can't wait to see your pockets and homework bags!! Enjoy what's left of your hols!!!

  3. Let's hope they put it in plaster. I can totally relate to a broken leg. Mine took a log time to heal with plaster. Imagine how long it would have taken if they left it to heal on it's own.


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