Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twas the week before Christmas and all was crazy...

So, has this week been super busy for you? It has for me. I am really looking forward to a few days of doing not much over Christmas. I am all ready for the big day to come... the baking is done, the house is clean and the crafty things that go with Christmas are complete. I thought I would share some photos from what we have been up to. First, we had our Christmas play date with my girlfriends and their kids on Tuesday, we had a great time as always. Here is the card I made them (I made them all the same), I know the photo is bad, sorry.

I also made them all a fabric basket each and inside were these each, a pistachio and lime shortbread Christmas tree. Here is a photo of them all lined up ready for wrapping. I did save some for myself too, they are too delicious to give them all away!

One of our advent activities was to do some Christmas craft on Sunday so we sewed these little penguins

And we made shrinky dinks to put on the tree, this is Emma's one.

Today our Advent activity was to make a gingerbread house. We used a kit because this is something I have never done before, while I made the icing Nathan and Emma danced around the kitchen (this is becoming quite a thing to do in our house).

And then they got to lick the beaters.

And after decorating (which was very very easy with the kit) we ended up with this.

This is Nathan with the house before we put the snow on. A really nice photo.

And a close up of the little people.

Have a fabulous day tomorrow everyone, and don't run around too much with last minute things to do, relax and enjoy!!!!


  1. Wow Deb, you really have been busy! I'm not organised at all. I'll start the gift buying tomorrow. still haven't decided how to do it this year...I'm really running out of time. But I'm not stressed at you beleive me????

  2. Hi Deb we loved all the cooking, especially the cookies- must have that recipe. happy NYE


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