Monday, December 7, 2009

Still here

Just very very busy right now. I have been busy sewing more product for the market stall as well as some Christmas gifts and a gorgeous red dress for Emma to wear to Pre Prep Graduation on Wednesday and then on Christmas day. I won't show photos until graduation day.

Our advent calendar is going really well, the kids are loving opening their little scroll of paper each day to see what is happening. So far this is what they have found:
1st - decorate the Christmas tree
2nd - Write out our Christmas cards for friends at school/preschool
3rd - A new book wrapped up - The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever
4th - Some yummy Tobelerone chocolate bars
5th - Letter writing kits wrapped up to write our letters to Santa
6th - Paint and put together a wooden reindeer each
7th - Some yummy chocolate coins to eat (we were going to the city to see Santa but I am just too busy this week to even think about that!).

On another note - I took Suzanne's advice and did my shopping online this week. I ordered it yesterday and it came at 8am this morning, right to my kitchen bench. Love it!!! My groceries were done by 8.30am!

Have a great last week of the school year to all those Qld teachers out there!

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  1. Isn't it great Deb!!! It saves me at least an hour and a half and I reckon at least $10-$15 a fortnight. Not Bad.


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