Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Scrapping Space

Well Monday morning was rainy and miserable so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to head to Ikea for the day. So off we set with my scrapbook room in mind. I had taken my wooden bookshelf out of my room a while ago for us to use for our books and have wanted a cubed shelf system. And this is what I ended up getting. It is HUGE and fits so much of my stuff which cluttered up my desk and cupboard and floor space before. My room feels and looks much bigger now that everything has a space.

I also got these little wire baskets and have hung them on a small wall space I have between my window and cupboard. They are near my sewing machine so are filled with sewing stuff. Ikea is so well priced all these baskets cost me less than $20.

Then on my wall next to my bookshelf are these hangers. I have 2. They hold these gorgeous buckets and when I have finished filling them will hold my paint, paintbrushes, glitter etc. I have always seen these in peoples scrap rooms and loved them. They were so well priced too, under $25 each set.

So, that is what I have been busy with this week, organising and reorganising and just admiring my new space!
I'll be back with pics of the start of my December Daily album soon!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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