Sunday, October 25, 2009

New books

I have been focused lately on buying books, I really want to have a collection of nice books about the things that I love to do. So the other week I bought this book. It is a really gorgeous cookbook to cook with the kids. It has yummy, decent recipes in it and lovely pictures. We haven't had time to cook out of it yet, but we will. Right now it looks pretty on my bookshelf.

A visit to Borders yesterday saw me buying this lovely, lovely book. I just can't wait to get making some of these softies. They are gorgeous! I can see some children getting softies for their birthdays etc. as I try making all the ones I love (which is quite a few).

And sorry, but you can't look inside this one, I just copied the picture and ended up with that. But I put this book down went to the movies with Emma and longed for it so I had to go back and get it. All of the gorgeous creatures in this book are made from gloves. I am busting to make one but guess what? It is summer and there are NO gloves. So I think this one might sit on my bookshelf for while, while I search for some gloves.

There are a few other books I am busting to buy but I couldn't find them in the bookshops so I think I will have to order them online, and also I have discovered that they are much cheaper at the online book shops (not sure about postage though).
I know I have been slack this last week as I worked everyday bar Tuesday, and this week will be busy too, it is a wonderful little girl's 5th birthday next weekend with so much stuff to organise before then.
If you have any books that I would love and may not know about please let me know.


  1. Hey Deb, there is an excellent online bookstore based in the UK that has HEAPS of great titles and FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world - The Book Depository. Go for it while the dollar is soooo good. My stuff gets here in about a week -
    Have fun! Pxxx

  2. Deb, what a great idea! The books look lovely! I love the "Softies" book. I just bought a set of three craft mags, they were in the same pack for $10. I'll get back to you with any interesting content. Do like the idea of having books around my hobbies.


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