Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our first stall...

Yesterday saw the first stall for Embellish. We we sold our goods yesterday to raise money for the Cancer Council. We raised just over $300 and we were very happy with that. We had lots of friendly familiar faces visit us yesterday as well as send us good luck messages, so thank you to all our fabulous friends who love us. I know some of you drove a long way to come.

At the start of the day we followed the plan we had carefully made at our practice run and the stall looked like this.

As the day went on we were able to adjust and adapt our plan to better suit our needs on the day and the stall ended up looking like this.

Next time the stall will be even further forward because we realised that people don't like walking in, they like everything to be forward.

Our next stall will have extra tables and a sale/clearance table too, to sell things we want to discontinue. It will also have different products that we've been working on. We will have new aprons too which is exciting because the aprons we had yesterday were awful and annoying and way too long!!!
We had a great day though, we got to sit around and chat. We always run out of time to talk about everything but yesterday we had hours, it was wonderful. It really is a good day when you get to spend it with people you like so much!
Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

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