Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Geting Ready

I have had a busy few days. I decided that I needed to start preparing for our next stall and our night at C & K coming up in only a couple of weeks, so I have been sewing. I have managed to make 3 more mini travel mates and 3 baby cot quilt and pillow sets so far. I have 5 more mini travel mates to make before the night and several more cot quilts as well as more medical sets. I also have a catalogue to create and print before then.

This weekend we are off to a soccer carnival for the day Saturday and then Saturday night I fly out with the kids to visit Tracey. We are all very excited and Nathan is counting down the sleeps.

So...I will endeavour to take photos of my sewing before the end of the week and share them with you. I am sure there will be plenty of photos after my visit to Trace.

Have a great end of the week everyone

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