Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brrrr, it's cold down here!

Well we arrived safely down here on the Central Coast, N.S.W and finally got to bed at about 11pm last night after what seemed like an endless trip. But never the less worth it. It was great to see Tracey and her Mum there to meet us at the airport.
One thing I have thought while I have been down here - Thank God I live in QLD!!!! Went to soccer today and my toes were numb when we left, they were actually still numb when we got home. Then I quickly added another pair of sock to my stockings and they warmed up.

We went to the local markets this morning. Emma got a gorgeous little hand made hen and a dress which I just love! There was lots of nice hand made stuff there. Also a great cheap stall there with stacks of 50c stuff for the prize box at work.

Anyway, have a fabulous week everyone!

Great to see you had a wonderful super crop yesterday Toni, raising lots of money for Cancer!! Very proud of you and all you do!

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