Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They say practice makes perfect!

Yesterday Toni and I went through a dry run of our market stall set up at her house. It was so fabulous to see the idea we had for the stall come together. It was even better to practise and know that it only took a small amount of time and that it worked really well even though it was our first go. I thought I would share some photos but we decided not to show you the whole stall, you will have to come and see it in action on August 1st.

Part of the table (above) and our tree (below)

Our gorgeous butterfly pictures (I think these are going to sell quickly)

And something funny...Toni and I packed the car Friday night and went along to our market stall on Saturday morning as I have told you before only to find it cancelled.....well while driving along on Saturday afternoon I suddenly had a thought.....We had forgotten to pack the table! Can you imagine us there trying to set up our stall and having no table! That would have been a disaster so we were lucky the weather was bad. Now we have the table with everything else ready to go.
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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