Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today I got up and went to the markets to buy some vege seedlings for our vege garden. It has been very neglected of late and we decided that needed changing. We planted lettuce, silverbeet, cabbage, tomatoes, baby carrots and rhubarb. I hope they all grow... anyway I have been taking lots of photos this weekend so here are a few to share (finally a decent photo of Nathan!). I have some more but will share them another day.

Our seedlings waiting for planting

A baby lettuce, just planted

Our spring onions, still going from our last plant out

Just a random photo

I LOVE taking photos! Have you noticed? Hopefully with all the girls at my place tomorrow we will be able to get some lovely ones of the kids... until next time.

Oh, did you notice my new header photo, I took it yesterday of my front paddock and dam, love it, love it!

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