Friday, July 3, 2009

Something for Emma

I bought a new magazine the other day and found a few good projects in there to make that are different to what I have been doing. So here is the first one that I made. It is a sewn fairy picture for Emma. It is so cute, the photo doesn't make it look as nice as it is. You can see an extra purple texta line on it which I am hoping will fade (it is a fading pen). I took an old wooden frame, sanded it back a bit, gave it a couple of coats of light pink and then another light sand to shabby chic it up a bit.

I am going to look for some new pictures and make some of these for the markets. I also have a stack of frames ready to make some more butterfly pictures. Will share on Embellish blog when they are done.

Am looking forward to a great day today with fabulous company at Suzy's. Hope you have a great day too.

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