Friday, July 10, 2009


Well we are halfway through the year and the end is approaching as fast as ever so I thought I should take a minute to reflect on my word for the year, Achieve.

I feel like it was a really good word to choose this year. Although with all the rain we are not achieving as much as we would like in regards to our business, but we are holding our own and that feels good.

Creatively - this year I had a goal to feel well rounded in what I can do in regards to creative processes. So I think I have achieved so much, I have taught myself to knit, I have started sewing and have made many great things. I have always wanted to extend my creative abilities and this year I am achieving that through the start of market stalls (in the planning now but almost a reality). I am yet to see if they are successful, but I hope they are. I have attended my photography course, where I learned so much and I love the photos I am taking these days (this has been a goal of mine for a long time). I also cook more, I cook many different things these days, I love to cook sweet things (not good for the hips!). I know that my kids love my cooking most of the time and I love that it is a creative process that is a bit different from the other things I do.

Family - our family spends so much time together now, we go to the movies and on excursions and spend time in the garden together and just hanging out in the house. We have never spent so much time with each other and it feels like we are making the most out of each others presence. Family was a huge part of my achieve goal for the year.

Work wise - I am feeling very happy and content at work, I feel like I am a better teacher now with children and parents who appreciate my time, effort and skills. I have worked more this year and I feel like I am giving more as a teacher.

Socially - I have a wonderful group of friends and we have been able to get together often this year which has been fabulous, we inspire each other all the time and we care about each other's passions. We have managed to balance our time between meeting with our children and without them for quality time together.

So all in all I think I chose a good word for 2009 and I have to say that it is in my mind often and it keeps me on track with what I want to achieve this year.


  1. Wow you certainly have achieved! I admire the effort you put into all of the above areas to make sure that you achieve. Well done, Debbie!

  2. After reading all that you have achieved, I am not starting a blog as I'm afraid my word would be 'underachieve' or 'slack'!
    Take care


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