Thursday, July 23, 2009


Look what came in the mail this week, very exciting. Our tickets for our next holiday. A cruise in September. I am super excited about his holiday, we get to go for 16 nights and we are visiting a new place - Tonga where we have never been before as well as one of my favourite places - Fiji. It makes me smile when I think of 18 days of doing nothing, and I mean nothing...not making 1 bed, or washing even 1 dish, cup or spoon. Not even having to pick up the bathroom towels if I don't want to (those who know me know that that won't happen!). That is what I call a holiday. You can see I have already ear marked quite a few shore tours that I would like to go on in my little book. Also, when we woke up this morning there was another baby cow in our paddock. How special! Haven't been down for photos yet have been at work today.

It is only just over 1 week until our first market stall. I can't believe it has come around, this one is our stall where all proceeds go to the Cancer Council. Hope we see you there!

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