Sunday, June 21, 2009

We have a winner!

This afternoon Emma and I set about picking a winner for the pencil roll. First we typed everyone's name on the paper.

We put all the names in a bowl, cut up and Emma drew on out.

As you can see she picked TANYA! Congratulations Tanya. If you can email me your preferred pencil roll (pink or purple) and your address I will send it out to you this week.

Thank you so much everyone for leaving a comment, I never thought I would have as many as I did so I was really happy. It's nice to know people read your blog and are interested in what you do.
Emma's creation was a birds nest of course! It did have some blue net in it as well as the ribbon etc. but we had to take it out because she didn't want any birds to get stuck in there. Tanya actually got that right too!
Have a wonderful Sunday evening everyone!

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  1. Thanks so much Emma for choosing my name(and Deb for creating such a lovely gift). Sorry you had to email me (Sean had to show me the email tonight!) - haven't read any blogs this week - life is a bit frantic. I think I know another Emma who will enjoy your pencil roll very much! (I and might have to try making some for our school craft stall!!) Tanya (PS - I should see Toni sometime over holidays if you wanted to save on postage)


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