Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teacher appreciation

Yesterday while I was home I thought I would appreciate Nathan's teacher with something small. I haven't given her a little present for a while (since Easter). I had this sachet of Body Shop body butter for ages and haven't used it so I made a little pocket for it for her. I just used my scraps, sewed the edges together and embellished with a bit of ribbon, flowers and a punched butterfly (which have you noticed that I am addicted to?). It turned out nice, cost nothing and took very little time.

I bought these at groceries my my next teacher appreciation presents, they were on sale for 88c each this week in Coles. Any ideas what I can make to put them in? Please leave a comment if you have an idea. I would love to hear it.

And lastly today, I really wasn't going to post this photos because I hate failing and am ashamed of my effort here, but here are the clothes I attempted to make Em. Don't judge my ability to create on this project, and if you want the pattern just ask! I won't be needing it ever again. At least Emma is still gorgeous!

Have a nice end to the week, Oh and I now know that our clothes swap and morning tea will be at my house on Tuesday 19th May, 10.30am. More info to come and children welcome! What better is there to do on Teacher strike day?

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