Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Perfect sewing weather

Have you ever seen so much rain in your life? I don't think I have! My backyard is a swimming pool at the moment and the dam is spilling over! To add to all that rain we started the day in our house this morning with no power. It did finally come back on thank god so I got to do some sewing. I made these two Boo Boo Bags, the pink one for Emma and the other for Nathan. I took an idea Suzanne had to use a cloth nappy to make some of Emmas but I have since discovered that it is nice and soft but does not get cold like the cotton material. I am happy with both of them though. They are in the freezer, cooling although Emma has already used hers twice!

Another idea from Suzanne, tissue holders. They are so quick and easy to make and I just used scraps. I have made 10 for our market stall. I kept one for myself and gave Nathan one for his school bag.

I had a few camera strap covers cut and waiting to be sewn so I did them too, two are the same material each side and one has denim on one side. I will be keeping Emma away from them too!!!

I also thought I would make a couple more pencil rolls. I made a boy one (I actually made two, one for Nathan) and the nice frangipani one.

So far for our market stall I have made; 4 monsters, 6 pencil rolls, 3 camera strap covers, 10 tissue holders and 12 post it note pads. I am pretty happy with my progress. I am pretty sure Toni was going to organise the stall for the end of June so I have a few more weeks to make a few more things. I bought a cheap shower curtain in Spotlight this week to make some wet bags using that thinner plastic. I will post them when I am done. I might make some boo boo bags/or heat bags for the stall too, they take a short amount of time to make.

Have a happy wet Wednesday all Queenslanders! Think of all us teachers with 25 children in our room, all day with no time outside...

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