Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I took the leap

Well, ages ago now (a few weeks) I bought my first ever clothes pattern to make a pants and top set for Emma. I mainly bought it because they were on special for about $4 in Spotlight. It has been sitting on my desk looking at me and me at it. So I decided to bite the bullet and start. I took Emma to Spotlight and she chose the material she liked (with some help) and tonight I cut out the pattern (that was scary in itself!) and I have cut the material to make the pants. They are little 7/8 pants. Wish me luck everyone now I just have to sew them! I'll post to show you how they turn out, fabulous or terrible.

Also I used a spare ball of wool yesterday to knit Emma a miniature scarf, it is so cute! After being at soccer tonight in the freezing cold, they are going to come in very handy. Will take a photo soon. I have one more ball of wool left, I am going to try to get a beanie out of it for Emma to go with her scarf. So much to do and such little time.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!

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