Sunday, May 17, 2009

Helping Others

I was reading Melissa Goodsell's blog last night and saw that she is participating in the project Operation Christmas Child which you can read about here. I would really love to participate too, in fact I am already planning things to go into my shoe box. I would love it if all you girls would join in as well and make a shoe box each.

What I like about this Christmas project is that the shoe boxes (full of gifts) go to kids in South East Asia and the South Pacific. Really close to home and kids that I have seen first hand with nothing. I tell this story a lot, but when I was in Vanuatu, we did a local tour of the area and while driving through a village I saw a little kid wearing a Franklins Big Fresh uniform! I felt so sorry for him. They obviously rely on our old stuff!

Also last time in Fiji I went to a school in a village and saw these poor kids with nothing. Their school library was a tiny bookshelf with books from Lifeline etc. For reading lessons, the kids only have one book and the big kids hold it up for them all to read together.

So, think about the tiny amount we would have to give for these kids to have a happy Christmas through creating a shoebox and join in the cause with me.

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