Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So many projects...

I had plans today to stay home and do plenty of sewing. BUT, I didn't. I went shopping instead, I had a fabulous time, still feeling creative I bought lots of stuff to make. I went to Spotlight and got material for a tote bag and some others for pencil rolls. I went to Big W and bought myself a book to teach me how to knit, along with knitting needles and enough wool to make a scarf and beanie for myself. In Target I got a mug to create a little winter hot chocolate package as a teacher appreciation gift for Nathan's teacher. I also had to stop at Blossies Stamping and Scrapbooking shop to pick up a stash of new paper and some lovely buttons and brads. So now I have lots and lots of things to create with, but as I start my working week, no time to do them! Don't worry though, I am sure I will find time! Oh, how could I forget, I also got a couple of material placemats to make that nice bag Suzanne made. I will have to get you to show me how to make it though Suzanne.

I did however stick to my word last night and I sewed 3 more monsters ready for stuffing. I was quite proud of that effort.

On a different note, I thought I would share a couple of my favourite photos from the beach. They are of Emma again, there just weren't any nice shots of Nathan.

Have a great end of the week everyone! I hope to see many of you on Friday for our May crop.

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