Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Party for Nathan

Today was Nathan's bowling birthday party. He has wanted a bowling party for ages for his birthday. Everyone had a great time. Nathan however fell and put his teeth through his lip. It just wounldn't be a party for Nathan without an incident. So he was very unhappy and in quite a bit of pain when we went upstairs to the party room for lunch and cake. He still had a great time and is now in his room playing with all his fabulous presents. Below are some photos of the day, he had a Freddo ice cream cake which was delicious! His birthday is actually on Friday so will post about it more then.

On another note, I had a great night last night with you girls, actually we always have a great time together but thanks for you company anyway!
Happy Sunday everyone!
Suzanne - I heard your music this time, I am getting myself some of that!

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