Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emma's Room - time for change

I have been thinking a lot about my word for the year and how I can say that I have worked towards maintaining my goal of "Achieve". One thing that bothers me quite a bit is my house. I love my house don't get me wrong but I want it to have more nick nacks (nothing that gets too dusty!) so I am starting to change things. I am starting with Emma's room. It is really bland at the moment and I have decided that we are going to girly it up.

So, today we started, Emma actually prompted me by asking me if we could move her bed. So we did, really to the only spot we could. All the other big furniture has pretty much stayed the same but I did make her a new E for her room and I put her name back up in her room (she chewed the A when she was smaller, I covered the chewed bit with a flower!). I have attached everything to the walls so nothing can be ruined. I hope!

This (above) is a wall hanging my mum made me many years ago that I really love, when Emma was born I decided it had to watch over her in her room.

And then just some shots of her room, I have lots to do but we have started. I saw some Japanese paper balloons on the net that are a set of 5 animals. They are so gorgeous I am going to buy them and hang them as a mobile in the corner of her room. I also have a 1,2,3 that I am going to cover and hang for her. I think I am going to make some more E's too, different fonts etc. to put around. I am going to look for initials and words for my house as I "Achieve" my goal to make it more interesting and adult like, now the kids are bigger I can trust them not to break stuff.
My new book in the Twilight series is really good, I dont want to sleep. I am loving those books!

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