Monday, January 12, 2009

A day at the lagoon

We went to Redcliffe Lagoon today with Toni, Annette and their kids. We had a great morning, the kids all swam together and played well while we sat and watched them and chatted (of course). I would say it was partly a working day though, we talked a lot about work and what great ideas we have for the coming year, our expectations and concerns and all that jazz. We wore the kids out and that was the main thing! Some photos below of the kids today.

Oh, we saw a turtle too, it was swimming in the ocean right behind the lagoon, we only saw it briefly. It stuck its head out of the water as if to say hi and then swam down until we lost sight of it. Pretty cool though, the kids were happy with that too!

Also, some photos of my new car. Nathan and Emma both got to ride in the 'boot' today so they are happy. I actually think they realised it is quite boring back there by themselves but they had to have a go.

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